Artificial Grass

Healy Fencing and Landscaping are proud partners of Tulips Artificial Grass T/A Easigrass Warwickshire.

The Easigrass brand is a well known artificial grass brand that specialises in artificial grass who are consistently aiming to make it a better product to install across the board; making it safer for gardens, pets and children.

Here at Healy Fencing and Landscaping we only install high quality materials and work with businesses that align with our values which is to make sure you are cared for and protected during your journey with us.

We get a real buzz in our hearts when we are able to turn our clients boggy, patchy garden into something they can enjoy year round with their families, children and pets.

If you are looking for pet friendly grass then look no further – Easipet is a specialised grass that allows free drainage of urine combined with a product called Zeofill which is installed underneath the grass and ontop of the grass. – Zeofill helps prevent the smell of urine and helps the grass keep cool in hot summers. Underneath the zeofill we install granite dust and type 1 MOT along with weed proof membrane.

It is important when having artificial grass installed never to use sharp sand as this will exaggerate the smell of urine.

Only the best hand picked artificial grass is installed into our clients gardens:

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