Garden Maintenance

Lawn Cutting

Healy Fencing and Landscaping mow lawns of all shapes and sizes and cut grass of all lengths. Whether you require a regular mowing service or just want a one-off cut of some overgrown grass we can help. We can also dispose of the clippings for you at our Recycling site where over 100% of green waste is recycled if you don’t own a recycling or compost bin.

Hedge Trimming

From privets to laurels we can prune or reduce overgrown monsters back to tidily denote boundaries and give form. Healy Fencing and Landscaping pride themselves on maintaining beautiful landscapes. It is very important to prune certain plants at the correct time of year so if you are unsure always consult with the professionals.

Garden Tidy

From tidying of borders to removal of fallen leaves. We will get your garden looking nice and tidy in no time. Health and Safety is very important to Healy Fencing and Landscaping so you can be provided with an Autumn and Winter service of leaf collection and waste disposal whilst your Garden Waste bin is not in the season of collection.

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