How much should my fence cost?

How much should my fence cost?

It’s November 2022 and the world is very different to what is was 2-3 years ago in regards to cost of fencing materials. Inflation is in full effect, prices are rising in every industry. Not just the fencing industry.

So how much should your garden fence cost?

Well, it depends on many factors…

Historically fencing contractors in the UK price per meter or per ‘bay’. Some price materials and labour seperately for transparency.

Back in 2020 pre pandemic per bay a fence would have cost you £120-£150. For concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and featheredge panels; supplied and fitted.

Today per bay you are looking at between £250 – £300 as an average all because of inflation on materials, waste disposal fuel and cost of living.

The price of your fencing requirements will also determine your geographical area within the UK. The above costs are based on prices in the West Midlands area; Birmingham, Solihull, Worcester, Coventry and The Black Country.

The cost of your fencing will also depend business to business. Some fencers are one man bands, others are businesses fully fledged with employees and larger overheads.

There are benefits to going with both a one man and a business with employees but will can digress with this info another day.

To conclude you as the client have to factor in and consider multiple costs when it comes to getting your fencing installed.

  • Whether the fencing contractor is a one man band or a business.
  • Increase in cost of living.
  • Waste disposal cost.
  • Cost in fuel prices.
  • The style of fence you require and compare that to your ideal budget.
  • Cost of materials.
  • Distance travelled for the contractor.